Women On Wheels

Women searching for car insurance will find several online insurance companies that specialise in affordable car insurance. Under the Road Traffic Act, UK drivers are required to have insurance to operate a motor vehicle. Women on Wheels offers comprehensive and liability insurance for lady drivers. Lady drivers are found to be at less risk for an accident on the road. Therefore, their car insurance is lower. Many of the companies offering car insurance have 40 or more years of experience of providing female drivers with adequate and affordable insurance. Most of the insurance policies are comprehensive and do not have hidden clauses that may cause surprises in the future.

Women on Wheels will insure drivers from the age of 17 to 99 years of age. Many insurance companies will also accommodate women who are convicted of a crime or those women who have had a prior ban on their license. Women on Wheels will list quotes from over 40 available car insurance companies online that will meet their insurance needs. Customers simply must enter their search criteria. The search engine will find the insurance companies that will insure the lady, as well as, offer the best price and coverage. Some companies will even offer discounts for multiple policies.

Ladies Insurance Coverage

Most companies will provide a quote online or by telephone. Rarely are the car insurance prices listed on the internet. Each of the 40 companies will provide 24 claim service and a helpline. Some of the covers include Full Breakdown Cover including Roadside Assistance. Women on Wheels coverage may also offer the following:

• Plus Pass Course Discount
• Young Drivers Insurance
• Advanced Driver Discounts
• Car Insurance for Classic Cars

Taking courses such as the Plus Pass Course or the Advanced Driver Course may reduce the lady’s insurance premiums by as much as 35%.

Women on Wheels will also offer ladies a courtesy car or replacement car, if the insured vehicle is damaged in an accident. This feature is offered with comprehensive service packages. The replacement vehicle may be held until the vehicle is replaced or a check is issued for total damages. In some instances, insurance companies will recover the vehicle from the accident site. Other insurance companies will also assist the insured lady with finding an approved repairer for the vehicle. Ladies may also be covered 100% for any injuries that result from the accident. If the individual is in need of legal assistance, some insurance policies will cover representation costs for the insured lady drive as well.

Women on Wheels coverage amounts vary depending upon the policy and upon the insurance company. Some insurance companies will offer legal cover up to £100,000. Ladies may cover a car, truck, motorcycle, scooter or other commercial vehicle with this coverage. If the lady encounters an accident with an uninsured driver, many insurance companies will negotiate to recover damages from the responsible party. Personal property in the vehicle at the time of damage will also be covered. The companies will also cover individuals who are riding a horse on the highway or walking on a highway as well.

Other Coverages

Insurance policies may also cover items such as loss of earnings during an accident. Loss of use of the vehicle after the accident may also be covered. Other coverage includes the following:

• Vehicle recovery
• Storage costs
• Vet bills, if a pet is present at the time of an accident
• Any excess expenses related to the policy
• Damage to others property
• Protection against fire and theft
• Injuries to others in an accident

Cancellation Policy

Some companies will provide provisions for customers to cancel the policy within a certain number of days after taking the policy out. For instance, an insurance company may allow 14 days after purchase to cancel a policy, if the customer is unhappy. Ladies should inquire with the insurance company to determine the terms and conditions of each policy.