Levels of Car Insurance

There are three main options to consider when choosing your car insurance cover, ranging from the bare minimum to be legally fit to drive on UK roads all the way up to fully comprehensive insurance that may pay for repairs following an accident, provide a courtesy car, medical expenses and more.

Third Party Car Insurance
The most basic form of car insurance and the minimum required by UK law, 3rd party insurance does not cover damage to your own car or additional services such as courtesy cars. In general, a policy will normally only cover the following:

○ Third party injuries
○ Third party death
○ Third party property damage
○ Emergency hospital treatment
○ Passenger negligence
○ Manslaughter defence

Third Party Fire + Theft Insurance
As well as including all cover provided by Third Party insurance, these policies will also protect against damage caused by fire, theft, lightening strikes or explosions, even if caused by faulty wiring or electrical faults.

○ Theft of vehicle and damage caused whilst stolen
○ Damage caused by attempted theft
○ Loss or damage to audio equipment - cd players, radios etc

Comprehensive Car Insurance
Fully comp. car insurance includes all the benefits of third party fire and theft but adds protection for your car in the event of an accident, paying for repairs regardless of who caused the accident. Normally this is subject to an excess - as usual you can normally opt to pay more for your policy in order to waive the excess or offer to pay a higher excess when buying your insurance to lower your premiums - what you choose obviously depends on the level of risk you are prepared to accept.