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At Car Insurance For Women by just submitting one form you can compare over 85 different insurance providers to find the ideal premium to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive insurance you can quickly and easily identify the cheapest providers, with quotes tailored to your needs.


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AutoTrader Budget Insurance Endsleigh FastCover Adrian Flux Direct The Green Insurance Company Hastings Direct I Buy Eco I Go 4 Insure Your Motor Ladybird Quoteline Direct MoreThan SwiftCover Swinton Yes Car Insurance
... plus many, many more!

Female Drivers Get Cheaper Quotes

It's a fact - lady drivers are statisically better drivers than men they pose less of a risk to the insurance companies which translates directly into cheaper insurance premiums. Once upon a time this meant universally cheaper quotes for ladies - but since the EU has declared it discrimination for men to receive more expensive policies, it is more important than ever to compare quotes to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Young Women Benefit too

Traditionally auto insurance companies discrimintate against younger drivers - particularly those who are under 25 and full time students - as they tend to take more risks and have less experience on the road. However this is where ladies stand to benefit the most - while young men under 25 are possibly the most prone to accidents, young ladies simply don't take the same amount of risks and when they do need to claim, their claims are less serious. This means when they insure a young lady the quotes could be lower than for a young man.

Are Women's Only Insurance Policies Best?

Although it makes sense that the 'Women Only' car insurance companies such as Diamond, Shiela's Wheels, Diva, Girl Motor and Lady Bird insurance should offer the cheapest premiums this is not always the case. Often a female only insurer will add extras to the premiums such as handbag, push chair and car seat cover. Those these are great for some women they're not always useful for everyone, and sometimes a traditional car insurance broker may offer a better deal.

Comparing ladies insurance polices can reveal cheaper quotes from mainstream brokers. This is why at Car Insurance for women we recommend using our price comparison tool to compare quotes from all major insurers to ensure you get the cheapest quote possible and save on next year's premiums.

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